Danielle Kane In Concert May 20th

Vocalist Danielle Kane returns to the stage with her unique and soulful blend of classic and contemporary songs that will take you on a journey through life, loss and love. She’ll share songs and chants that helped her through her own experience through the dark and the light, as well as some tunes to rock the house!

With acclaimed and beloved local musicians

  • Music Director: Michael Hatfield
  • Guitars: Rick Vandivier
  • Drums and Percussion: Damon Hope
  • Vocalist: Allyson Paige


Unity San Francisco

Unity San Francisco

2222 Bush Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

May 20, 2016, 7 PM

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Connect and join voices with other women singers – this session we are singing songs of THE BEATLES! OBLADI!Beatles Class Image

  • Have fun singing songs you love!
  • Dissolve blocks and free your authentic self-expression
  • Learn the basics and the secrets to singing with your feminine power and ease
  • Improve your breathing technique to get your energy flowing, and sing great
  • Learn simple tools to improve balance and energy and feel awesome

DATES: New Beatles Session Tuesdays May 10 – June 14  $225 for six class series

Fee includes music, lyrics sheets and handouts

For more information, and to register, please contact Danielle Kane at 650.465.4277, danielle@daniellekanemusic.com

Danielle Kane Music
2949 McGarvey Ave, Redwood City
danielle@daniellekanemusic.com or use the online contact form.

In this comfortable, encouraging and fun environment women have a blast together, exploring breath, tone, chant, and singing songs from different genres. By implementing a few simple practices, you won’t be able to help yourself from feeling more connected, vibrant and alive. Come join us!

A professional vocal instructor and transformational sound healer for more than 30 years, Danielle has helped countless individuals dissolve blocks and feel great opening up to the power and beauty of their own unique voice. Her leading edge program draws upon practices ranging from classical vocal technique to yoga, positive psychology, and mind-body awareness.

“Danielle’s vocal class combines pure fun with solid singing techniques. Danielle is encouraging and easy to follow, and she brings a variety of music that keeps things interesting—from show tunes to traditional pieces and peaceful chants.” – Lorraine Hamby

“I always look forward to attending Danielle’s classes! I get a great vocal workout and singing in community is so much fun!” -Linda Boyd

Singing Makes Kids Happy
In this small and engaging class Ms. Kane teaches young singers healthy singing skills, musicianship and poise.

  • Find and trust your voice
  • Sing fun songs from musical theater, folk, pop, and more
  • Learn how to sing in a group and perhaps a solo line!
  • Sing with your friends
  • Build Confidence and have fun!

DATES (Dates to come) :

Fee includes music, lyric sheets and handouts.

Parents are invited to attend the last class for an informal performance.
Drop them off and pick them up happy, balanced, invigorated, ready for homework and the rest of the evening.

Recommended age: 8-12 years old

For more information, and to register, please contact Danielle Kane at 650.465.4277, danielle@daniellekanemusic.com.

Danielle Kane Music
2949 McGarvey Ave, Redwood City

“What a fun way to spend time after school, and now I feel comfortable singing with groups of my friends!” – Shasta

Whether your child is shy, a natural-born performer, or a serious and budding musician, this class will be a comfortable, fun and educational environment. Kids will gain confidence and musical knowledge, and learn proven voice-building techniques.

Danielle Kane, classically trained professional singer, was educated at Mount Holyoke College and the New England Conservatory of Music, and shares more than 30 years’ experience in teaching children, youths and adults. Ms. Kane becomes the ‘practically perfect’ Mary Poppins in this kids’ class. Be it in groups or private lessons, her specialty is helping singers open up to the beauty and power of their own unique voice. Ms. Kane’s expert attention helps to prepare budding young singers for participation in musical theater productions, choral work, as well as private instruction.

Danielle Kane Music Classes chakrasDive into stillness, breath, tone, and chant. Learn about the power of your own voice to transform emotions, our ‘energy in motion’. Use color visualization, intention and sound to balance and tone our chakras and to open our hearts as we connect to ourselves, each other and to Source.

DATES: May 3

Danielle Kane Music
2949 McGarvey Ave, Redwood City

For more information, references and to schedule private sound healing sessions, contact:  Danielle@daniellekanemusic.com

A note from Danielle,

Hello, I love training singers to open up to their full range of self-expression. I assist seasoned vocalists in realizing their goals in a variety of creative ventures: theatrical productions, concerts, choral solo work, and recording projects. I also teach aspiring vocalists who want to sing for fun and expand their musical experience, whether simply for the challenge of learning, to do family sing-alongs or to step out and express themselves in song for the first time. Drawing from many systems, a lifetime of performing professionally, and my love of teaching, I help people open up and sing with more power, artistry and ease.

I offer private vocal instruction and my popular Singing Makes You Happy group classes in my Redwood City Studio.

— Danielle Kane

  • Find and trust your voice
  • Train your instrument with the techniques the pros use
  • Get the call-back!
  • Express yourself, and discover your own style.
  • Experience the Vocal WorkOut, essential voice-opening and voice-building techniques – it’s FUN!

Studio Locations:

2949 McGarvey Avenue, Redwood City

Private Voice Lessons – for more information, references and to make an appointment, contact:  Danielle@daniellekanemusic.com

Danielle taught me solid technique, helped me win auditions and shine in musical comedy roles. Most of all, she taught me to believe in myself…a gift that has opened countless doors in my life.”

~ Bobbi Fagone writer, producer, actress


By working with Danielle, I discovered parts of my voice that I was able to improve upon dramatically through her guidance. What I’ve learned through my lessons with Danielle has been satisfying, enjoyable, and unique.

~ Andrea, lead performer Gunn High School